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Bigg Boss OTT (2023) Season 2 Google Drive Download
HomeBigg Boss OTT (2023) Season 2 S02 720p + 1080p Jio Cinema WEB-DL x264 Hindi AAC2.0

Bigg Boss OTT (2023) Season 2 S02 720p + 1080p Jio Cinema WEB-DL x264 Hindi AAC2.0

Bigg Boss OTT, also known as Bigg Boss: Over-The-Top, is the first season of the Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss to be made for and aired on a streaming platform exclusively. It premieres on 8 August 2021 on Viacom18’s streaming service Voot and premium streaming service Voot Select with Karan Johar as the host of this digital-only season.

Free Download Bigg Boss OTT (2023) Season 2 S02 720p + 1080p Jio Cinema WEB-DL x264 Hindi Google Drive

YouTube video

Episode 1 ~ Grand Premiere

Episode 2 ~ Puneet Ka Bigg Drama

Episode 3 ~ Will Housemates Save Palak?

Episode 4 ~ First Nomination!

Episode 5 ~ Ghar Ka 1st Captain

Episode 6 ~ Kaun Jayega Jail?

Episode 7 ~ Ghar Mei Macha Bawaal

Episode 8 ~ Salman Ka Vaar

Episode 9 ~ Jad in BB Verse

Episode 10 ~ Nominations Mei Intense Drama!

Episode 11 ~ Watch Your Language!

Episode 12 ~ Break Rule! Get Punished!

Episode 13 ~ Kya Abhishek Hai Badtameez!

Episode 14 ~ Hottest Lip Lock Ever!

Episode 15 ~ Salman Schools Jad!

Episode 16 ~ Star-Studded Weekend Ka Vaar!

Episode 17 ~ Jiya Rejected!

Episode 18 ~ War or Words!

Episode 19 ~ Captaincy at Risk!

Episode 20 ~ Guilty Ya Nahi!

Episode 21 ~ Pooja Par Ilzaam!

Episode 22 ~ Salman Ka Vaar!

Episode 23 ~ A new war in the House!

Episode 24 ~ Rift Between Jiya-Avi!

Episode 25 ~ Falaqs Ultimate Sacrifice!

Episode 26 ~ Pyaar ki Paathshala!

Episode 27 ~ New Faces New Twists

Episode 28 ~ Pooja and Jiya’s Bigg Face-off!

Episode 29 ~ Weekend Dhamal with Krushna!

Episode 30 ~ Love Dosti Etc!!

Episode 31 ~ Task Ya Taunting Match!

Episode 32 ~ Nomination Special!

Episode 33 ~ Jiya Vs Elvish!

Episode 34 ~ Secret Task Alert!

Episode 35 ~ Captaincy Task Turns Volatile!

Episode 36 ~ Kispe Hoga Aaj Salman Ka Vaar.!

Episode 37 ~ Kiske Efforts Hai Sabse Kam!

Episode 38 ~ Task Mei Nikla Kiska Devil Roop!

Episode 39 ~ Captain Pooja Has A Special Power!

Episode 40 ~ I’m into Sharif Boys!

Episode 41 ~ The War Is On For Ticket To Finale!!

Episode 42 ~ Manisha and Pooja’s Bigg Showdown!

Episode 43 ~ Salman Ka Hoga Kis Par Vaar?!

Episode 44 ~ Gharwalon Ki Journey Huyi Difficult!

Episode 45 ~ Toughest Nomination Ever!

Episode 46 ~ Special Suprise For Housemates!

Episode 47 ~ Bhatt Sahab’s Bigg Praises!

Episode 48 ~ Ticket To Finale Task Breaks Down Pooja!!

Episode 49 ~ Punishment Task Par Utha Naya Bawaal!!

Episode 50 ~ Punishment Task Par Utha Naya Bawaal!!

Episode 51 ~ Double Elimination!

Episode 52 ~ Kya Pooja Se Hai Jiya Naraaz?!

Episode 53 ~ Uorfi’s Truthbombs?!

Episode 54 ~ New Guests & Gossip!

Episode 55 ~ Kaun Hua Ghar Se Beghar?!

Episode 56 ~ Is Winning More Important To Abhi?!

Episode 57 ~ Gharwalon Ka Comedy Dose!

Episode 58 ~ The Big Concert!

Episode 59 ~ Grand Finale!

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